Friday, August 25, 2017

Creating Sacred Space

Now more than ever sacred space has become a necessity in my life. After spending the last year with the majority of my belongings packed in storage while we hunt for a new home, this has become very clear to me. Sacred space is exactly what it means, a special place to you that is sacred. Your space is a reflection of your love for others, the world, your faith and spirituality. It can be a small spot on your dresser, a shelf, a corner of a room or an entire room dedicated specifically as your own sacred space.

Your sacred space is a place of reflection. A place where you might retreat to for tea and meditation, say a prayer, do some yoga, listen to calming music or simply light an incense and sit taking a few calming breaths. Taking a few slow deep breaths does wonders and is very grounding.

What goes in your sacred space is up to you, based on your needs.

There are no set rules to creating a sacred space. 

What is important is to show your space attention. The more you work in your space, the more sacred it becomes. Keep it tidy and dust free. Cleanse it periodically with sage, sweetgrass, palo santo or your favorite incense. Smoke is cleansing and carriers away any stagnant energies that may have been lying around your space. Plus they smell good!

I miss having a sacred space of my own and highly recommend creating one for your home if you are able. Our house hunting is going well and I hope to be in our own space once again within the next few months & and getting my sacred space back in order. (fingers crossed).

Do you have a sacred space?

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